Saturday, August 24, 2013

Update: Lacy Shells Hat 6 Months

Just popping in to update this pattern with a new picture.  My newest girl is 6 months old, I can't even believe it!  Isn't she sweet?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Free Pattern: Beanie with Crossed Texture Detail Row - 3 Months

An adorable live model for this one.  Introducing baby #3!  She is about 14 pounds.  For the picture of her, I added a small open no-sew rose.

Premie size here.
Newborn size here.
6-month size here.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Free Pattern: Newborn Booties Worsted Weight Yarn

I couldn't find a free Mary Jane style baby bootie pattern using worsted weight yarn, so I started with this sport weight pattern from and changed it all up to work for worsted weight yarn.  I made mine for a nursery decoration, so I haven't tried them on newborn baby #3, but they look about the same size as the size N shoes we have.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Free Pattern: Open Stitch Hat - Premie

Newborn size here.
3 month size here.
6 month size here.

Love this in the tiny premie size.  The precious bow is from a wonderful Etsy shop... Sew Whimsey.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Pattern: Thick and Thin Striped Beanie Newborn Earflap Modification

For a sweet friend, a sweet little newborn hat.  I just put the earflaps from the Earflap Hat Newborn onto the Thick and Thin Striped Beanie Newborn, and edged it a little differently.  So not really a new pattern, but some might appreciate the step-by-step.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Craft Tutorial: Butterfly and Bunting Nursery Art

With only 6 weeks left before #3's due date, I've been trying to get busy!  I made this to match her mobile, which has hanging butterflies and flowers, with bunting around the four "sticks."  This piece (a little smaller than a piece of printer paper) will hang on the wall with the ribbon flower and some other art.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Craft Tutorial: Large Ribbon Flower

This flower is for the nursery wall of the on-the-way girl #3. I also made a crochet one and a felt one using other people's tutorials. Though I looked, I couldn't find instructions for large flowers made of ribbon, so I winged it. It turned out about the size of my hand.

Three types of ribbon, preferably all the same thickness. Mine were three quarters of an inch and the sparkly one was an inch.
Small piece of cardboard
Hot glue
Button, bead, or small flower for center

Cut a small circle out of the cardboard. I traced the top of a solo cup for my circle. Then I punched a hole in it in order to hang it on the wall.

Next cut 17 or so 6" pieces of the bottom color of ribbon. Fold them over and glue the bottom together to make a loop.

Start glueing the loops to the outer edge of the circle, being sure to put them close enough together to cover up the cardboard.

Fill in the circle, cutting more loops if necessary.

Cut 12 6" pieces of the middle color of ribbon, fold them over and glue. Start glueing the second layer. Mine covered the cardboard completely at this point.

Again, cut more loops if you don't have enough, and fill the circle.

Cut six or so pieces of the center color of ribbon. If yours is the smaller size you may need more than I did. Fold and glue into loops.

Glue onto center, close enough together to cover the tails of the last layer of ribbon.

Then glue the embellishment onto the center of that layer of ribbon, covering the tails and glue.

To make my double layer button, I glued a small flower button's attachment loop to the center of a larger white button.

And there you have it! Using a thinner ribbon in the center would make our look less like a Christmas bow, but I think it turned put pretty cute anyway. :)

And apologies for the crummy phone pictures. When I get my laptop back from the Nerd Herd I will post the better ones, and of course stay tuned for an early February post of the completed nursery with all its crafty goodness.

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