Sunday, November 28, 2010

Free Pattern: Toy Leash

After a recent three-hour wait in a public place, during which time I baby-wiped #2's toys a zillion times, I made this to keep her toys from falling on the ground.  This is a good alternative to using play links, as they can be clunky or too heavy for the baby to play with the toy.

User assumes all risk.  Use only under direct adult supervision.  Never leave child alone with toy leash.  Please use common sense and keep your baby safe from strangulation!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free Pattern: Kid-Sized Potholder

My #1 got a play kitchen for her birthday.  Her pan set came with a potholder, but she doesn't have the coordination to pinch the square of fabric around the pan.  I barely do!  So I thought she needed a potholder like mine, with a pocket for her hand.

I saved this from my project graveyard (the bag where I put things I've lost interest in or couldn't figure out.) It started out as a burp cloth, when my #2 was on the way.  When I didn't finish it before she was born, it got stashed.  I was looking for this yarn for the potholder, and I realized that what I had already crocheted of the burp cloth was the exact thing I needed.  The body of the pattern is, therefore, Christina Budd's copyrighted burp cloth pattern.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Pattern: Magnetic Pen Holder

This is intended to keep a pen on the fridge, or other magnetic surface, so that it doesn't run away, like my pens always seem to do.  The stars hold the pen up out of the reach of little mischievous hands!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Free Pattern: Infant Leg Warmers

I made these leg warmers for my little #2 out of cotton yarn, since we live in the land of heat and sun. If you live up North, you may want to choose a warmer yarn, like a wool blend.

This is approximately a 3-6 month size.
(Advanced Crochet Note) If your kid is super chubby, like mine, you may want to increase sooner or be sure to crochet loosely. These turned out a little snug on my girl’s calves.

For a 6-9 month size, see modification after the pattern.

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