Sunday, September 30, 2012

Free Pattern: Maternity Sash for Gender-Reveal

I've seen these pregnancy "flower belt" photography props on Pinterest and Etsy, and I knew I could make one.  I love how it turned out.

1 or 1.5 inch ribbon, enough to tie around the pregnant belly
Yarn in coordinating gender-appropriate colors, varying weights
Buttons or beads

Make 5-10 flowers in coordinating, gender-appropriate colors.  I made this one pretty small, for a mid-pregnancy gender reveal photo shoot.  If you are making one for a full-term momma, you might want to make it fuller, by layering some larger flat flowers and expanding it out more.  You could use a piece of felt to anchor a larger arrangement of flowers.

I made one small-size no-sew rose (worsted acrylic), three swirl flowers (baby weight), one rounded five petal flower (worsted cotton), and three bobble flowers (two baby weight, one sewn to the five petal flower; one worsted cotton).  I sewed beads to the one of the swirl flowers and the rose.  I also added a single leaf from The Hook Hound's pattern here.

Arrange your flowers on the center of the ribbon (since it's a photo prop, it's ok for the bow to be directly behind).  Hot glue in place.

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