Sunday, January 4, 2015

Free Crochet Pattern: Stroller Pouch

Since I had my babies, pretty much every year one of my New Year's Resolutions is to exercise more regularly and maybe shed a few of these leftover pounds.  Now that my olders are in school, I can take the babe out during the day for a walk or a run.  But my jogging stroller didn't come with a parent tray, and though the underneath storage is great, I really need some things close while I am running.  So this is what I came up with.  This button-on stroller pocket works great to store my phone, iPod, my keys or garage clicker, some chapstick, whatever I need to be close at hand.

It will probably wobble as you go, but probably won't tip over.  Just in case, though, don't store anything in there that could hurt your kid if it fell out!

If you are making this for your own stroller, measure the distance between the handles.  If it's shorter than mine, you will need to make your starting chain shorter.  Also, if you want to carry a larger phone or a water bottle, add rows to make the pocket deeper.

Join me, and let's keep our stuff close by while we chew up a few miles!

Medium weight yarn (I used an acrylic)
5mm hook
Two buttons
Opt decoration (I made a two-layer flower and added a decorative metal flower brad)

Ch - chain
Hdc - half double crochet
Sl st - slip stitch
Sc - single crochet
Dc - double crochet


Main Body -
Ch 37 (for a 12" pouch)
Row 1: In 3rd ch from hook, hdc.  Hdc across.  (35 hdc)
Row 2-18: Ch 2, turn.  Hdc across.
At the end of row 18, finish off, weave in ends.

On each side -
Fold body "hot dog" style.  Attach yarn with sl st to closed corner.  Sc in the side of each stitch up to the top.  Do not finish off.
Chain 23.  In 4th ch from hook, dc.  Dc in each remaining ch.  Fold strap downward, attach with sl st to row 3.  Finish off with a long end and use it to reinforce the connection of the strap to the body of the pouch.  Tie off, and either weave in more or trim end.

Attach buttons to the 4th or 5th st in on the second row.

Attach decoration.  (I chose to add mine on the opposite sides as the buttons, to keep it clean.  If your buttons are super cool, they might be decoration enough on their own!)  I used a double layer flower, with a decorative brad.

©2015 Alli Hyer, all rights reserved.  You may sell items you make with this crochet pattern, but if you sell them online, you must link to this crochet pattern.  You may not sell this crochet pattern or claim it as your own.  You may publish or post a link to this crochet pattern, but you may not publish or post this crochet pattern in whole or in part.


  1. I made something similar years ago when I was a Nanny. I sewed a couple of buttons to keep the pouch closed, so nothing would drop out, even on bumpy areas and no one could easily reach in without my knowledge and steal my phone, keys, MP3 player, etc, if I was stopping to shop before heading home. It still kept things handy, and I could open it with one hand so didn't need to stop.

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