Sunday, November 16, 2014

Free Pattern: Lacy Tie-Back Headband - All Sizes

I saw a headband like this for sale on Etsy, and this was my attempt at it.  I love the way it turned out, so sophisticated.  It's lovely alone, and it would be a great base for a flower or other decoration.  Tie-backs make great gifts, since they fit such a range of head-sizes.

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Sport weight yarn (baby weight)
Size 3.5mm hook (4/E)

Ch - chain
Dc - double crochet
Dctog - double crochet together (explained within the pattern)
YO - yarn over

Size note:
Baby size should fit through toddler; kids, teens and adults should all be able to use the adult size.  If you find your chains very tight or someone has a bigger head or very thick hair, simply add chains to the beginning chain and the end chain.


Adult - ch 53
Baby - ch 43

Row 1: 3dc in 4th ch from hook.  Ch 3, turn.
Row 2: In sp directly in the middle (On one side ch3 and one dc, 2 dc on the other side), 4 dc.  Dc into top ch of ch3.  Ch 3, turn.
Row 3- [Adult 33][Baby 23]: In sp directly in the middle (2dc on either side), 4 dc.  Dc into top ch of ch3.  Ch 3, turn.
Row 34: Skip one dc. 3dctog in 2 middle dcs and (skip one dc) in the top ch of ch 3.  (3dctog=In each st indicated, make a dc within one step of completion (4 loops on hook).  YO, pull loop through all loops on hook.).

Adult - ch 50
Baby - ch 40

Finish off, trim ends short.  If you are worried about the yarn loosening, you can add a dab of glue to the knots.  Weaving in probably won't work because a headband gets stretched a lot, and the weaving in would loosen and become visible.


  1. This came out very pretty, I've been toying of the idea of making crochet headbands.

  2. I love it! I think I'll make one out of every pretty yarn I have!

  3. what is meant by sp?

  4. Is it me, or does this pattern not make any sense? I've been trying to work this out for almost an hour and row 2 is frustrating to understand the way it's written. Anyone have an easier way to explain this to a beginner? Thank you.

  5. I would like to make this headband but i would like more detailed instructions for Row 1. It says 3dc in 4th ch from hook then to ch 3 turn. What do i between first stitch to last stitch


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