Sunday, November 25, 2012

Craft Tutorial: Non-slip Hair Clip

I've been making crochet and felt flowers and bows for my girls' hair for a long time, and pretty early on I realized that most handmade bows are too heavy for the alligator clips, especially with a layer of felt in between the "jaws."  I figured out this way to make the clips stay in their hair better from looking at my non-slip headbands for running.  There's a line of clear plastic on the inside that grips my hair.  That was easy enough to do!

I put the flowers for all my crochet hats on alligator clips so that they can be used as hair bows after the baby grows out of the hat.  Using this non-slip hair clip method ensures that the clip won't slip off the hat or out of the kid's (or mom's!) hair.

Flower (this is the open version of the large no-sew rose)
Hot Glue Gun
Alligator Clip


Glue a circle of felt to the alligator clip by clipping it on the glue, with the glue on the inside of the bent side of the clip.

Quickly smash the glue into the flower.

Run a line of glue on the felt opposite the metal part of the clip, on the inside where it will grip.

In the same way, when you are gluing multiple flowers onto a circle of felt and covering the clip with felt, after you glue the clip to the flowers, you run a line of glue on the flower-side opposite the metal of the clip.

This will grip whatever you are clipping it to (hair or hat) so it will stay better.

So even this big, fluffly clip will hold back #1's unruly, curly hair!

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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I've seen these "non-slip" headbands and hairclips; and I couldn't quite figure out how to mimick it with my handmade hair pieces. I would have never thought that "glue" would do the trick.

  2. Inspired! I am now in my 50s and I still have really fine hair! It's not just the weight of the decoration that is the issue : it is the fine-ness and texture of the hair. I'm going to give your idea a go. Next time I have an 'up-do', I'll be able to add some pretties to my hair! Thank you.

  3. Love ur ideas and patterns, thank you! is the pattern for the blue flower featured in this post available?

  4. I updated the post with the link - it's the open version of the large no-sew rose. :)

  5. That's a great idea! I always just glue my clip directly to the flower/bow without felt or anything inside the's worked for me so far, but I have boys so no one with fine hair to test them on.

    Thanks for all your great patterns! Your directions are so clear, I never have trouble understanding them!

  6. I am enjoying your site tremendously. So many great ideas and patterns! Thank You for sharing it with us all.


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