Sunday, September 4, 2011

Free Pattern: Loopy Six-Petal Flower

I used this flower for the new version of the Newborn Earflap Hat.

Small amounts worsted weight yarn, 2 colors.
5mm (H/8) hook

Round 1: Magic Ring, ch 3.  Inside ring, 11 dc.  Pull ring tight, sl st in top ch of ch 3.
Round 2: Ch 6, skip one dc, sl st in next dc.  Repeat around, finishing in the base of the original ch 6.
Round 3: Inside each ch-6 loop, 8 sc.  (Don't sl st in between, just move on to the next sc.)  Finish off with long tail for sewing.

Round 1: Magic Ring, ch 1.  Inside ring, 11 sc.  Pull ring almost tight, sl st in first sc.
Round 2: Ch 4, skip one sc, sl st in next sc.  Repeat around, finishing in base of original ch 4.
Round 3: Inside each ch-4 loop, 6 sc.  (Don't sl st in between, just move on to the next sc.)  Finish off with long tail for sewing.

Sew flowers together with petals staggered.

©2011 Alli Hyer, all rights reserved.  You may sell items you make with this crochet pattern, but if you sell them online, you must link to this crochet pattern.  You may not sell this crochet pattern or claim it as your own.   You may publish or post a link to this crochet pattern, but you may not publish or post this crochet pattern in whole or in part.


  1. Adorable. Love the color choice as well as the way that you have used it!

  2. Thank you so much for your great patterns. I have just finished my first flower ever! While I have crocheted for years, I never learned to follow a pattern, but now wanting to make a few special things for baby I am really trying. You make it so easy and quick - thanks!!!

  3. I just have a quick question. I am not quite sure what you mean when you say inside the ch-6 loop, 8 sc. If you could clarify this for me! Thanks so much! Love your patterns!

  4. The loop is made by chaining and slip stitching - stick your finger in the hole that you created. That's where you put your hook.


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