Sunday, January 30, 2011

Free Pattern: Bobblicious Baby Hat

This little bobble-ful hat is newborn sized. The dimensions should be about 12 in. diameter and 6 in. from top to bottom. If you tend to crochet tightly, you may want to use a larger hook from round 4 on.  The pattern for the flower appliques can be found at the bottom of this pattern, and here.

small amount sport weight yarn
4.25 (G/6) crochet hook
Yarn needle

Ch - chain
Dc - double crochet
Sc - single crochet

Special Stitch:
Bobble stitch - Yarn over twice, insert hook in indicated stitch.  *Pull up a loop, yarn over, draw through two loops.  Yarn over, draw through two loops.  Repeat from *, yarn over, draw through all three loops.

Hat instructions:
Round 1: Magic Ring, ch 3, 15 dc.  Pull ring tight, join to top ch of ch 3.
Round 2: Ch 3.  2 dc in each dc around, join to top ch of ch 3. (30)
Round 3: Ch 3. 2 dc first dc, dc next 2 dc, repeat around, join to top ch of ch 3. (40)
Round 4: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to top ch of ch 3.
Round 5: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first 2 sc, bobble in next sc.  *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc.  Repeat from * 8 times.  Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
Round 6: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to ch.
Round 7: Ch 1, turn. Bobble in next sc.   *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc.  Repeat from * 8 times.  Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
Rounds 8 – 15: Repeat Rounds 4 – 7 two times.
Rounds 16 – 18: Repeat Round 4 – 6.
Round 19: Ch 1. Loosely crab stitch around.  Finish off.  Weave in ends.

Bobble Flower
Magic Ring, ch 1.  Inside of ring *Bobble stitch, sc. Repeat from * 4 times.  Pull ring tight, sl st to ch 1, finish off with a long end for sewing.

Make 3 bobble flowers, sew to hat in a grouping.  Weave in ends.

©2011 Alli Hyer, all rights reserved.  You may sell items you make with this crochet pattern, but if you sell them online, you must link to this crochet pattern.  You may not sell this crochet pattern or claim it as your own.  You may publish or post a link to this crochet pattern, but you may not publish or post this crochet pattern in whole or in part.


  1. Hi there,
    I have completed through Row 5... but the bobble stitch is giving me some troubles. Could you post any tips??

  2. I just changed it to be more clear - hopefully that helps. It is like making a triple crochet without the last step two times, then finishing them together.

  3. Got it, thanks! For some reason I made 10 bobbles in the first bobble round instead of the 9 that you say should be there. I guess it will just be a little larger? I'm going to be an aunt in a few weeks and can't wait to put this on the little nugget!

  4. The end of your rows say join in top of chain 2- but you aren't ending in chain 3's.

  5. Thanks, Hope. That was a mistake. It should have said to join to the ch. I fixed it.

  6. This hat is adorable and I cannot wait to give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing your patterns. God Bless You!

  7. I absolutely love this hat and made it in hopes it would fit my almost 3-month old girl as she is on the smaller side. But, it was too small. :( Can you make any suggestions on how to make a larger size?

    Thank you so much!

  8. Jennifer, for a larger size you will have to increase the size of the top part (add more initial dcs?) and then adjust the bobble math accordingly. I am planning to make a larger size myself, eventually, so let me know how it goes!

  9. Well, I did it! This was my first attempt at a hat and my first crochet project in like 15 years. Mine is more cone that because I was pulling too tight? I think my yarn was different too because my flowers ended up looking like a bow. I posted my masterpiece to my blog and linked it to your page. Thank you for sharing!

  10. It looks great, Jennifer! Next time, make more dcs in the first round, and it will be less cone-shaped.

  11. Hi Alli!
    I was looking at the pattern and I am just learning to crochet so some things are stll confusing. In row 1 after I chain 3 it says 15 double crochet, but I am wondering where I do the 15 dc??

  12. Make sure you know how to use the magic ring technique - click on the link for an explanation.

  13. Alli,

    I added 5 more initial dcs and adjusted the bobble math accordingly. I still need to add the flowers, but think it turned out well! Once I've added the flowers, I'll take a picture to post and will be sure to post the link!

    Thank you so much for your help!
    Jennifer (formerly Anonymous)

  14. Hi I love your blog! I just found it this weekend and I can't get to the store fast enough to get supplies to make everything :)

    My question is (I am still "new" to crocheting, I started at Thanksgiving) what is sport yarn?? How is it different and are yarns labeled sport yarn??

    Thank you for your help, Darcy

  15. Darcy, Sport weight is thinner than regular worsted weight yarn. It's the same thing as baby weight. It should say one of those on the package.

  16. Alli, is there more than one way to do the bobble stitch? I looked it up to see if there were pictures to go with the wording and I think I found a different way of doing the bobble stitch from the way you do it... because I have been trying to do this darling hat of yours and I think the way I am doing the bobble stitch it is adding an extra stitch every time I bobble. Any suggestions?
    Thank you for your help,

  17. Hi - What do you mean by - Rounds 8 – 15: Repeat Rounds 4 – 7 two times.

    Does it mean that i am actually doing 14 rounds instead of 7?

    Thank you

  18. Momma Nelson, the pattern could also read:
    Round 8: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to top ch of ch 3.
    Round 9: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first 2 sc, bobble in next sc. *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc. Repeat from * 8 times. Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
    Round 10: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to ch.
    Round 11: Ch 1, turn. Bobble in next sc. *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc. Repeat from * 8 times. Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
    Round 12: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to top ch of ch 3.
    Round 13: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first 2 sc, bobble in next sc. *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc. Repeat from * 8 times. Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
    Round 14: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to ch.
    Round 15: Ch 1, turn. Bobble in next sc. *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc. Repeat from * 8 times. Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
    Round 16: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to top ch of ch 3.
    Round 17: Ch 1, turn. Sc in first 2 sc, bobble in next sc. *sc in next 3 sc, bobble in next sc. Repeat from * 8 times. Sc in last sc. Join to ch.
    Round 18: Ch 1, turn. Sc around, join to ch.

  19. Alissa,
    There are different ways to bobble. This pattern would work fine with another type of bobble stitch, as long as you do it over only one stitch. :)

  20. Anyone make this hat for a 2 year old? Just wondering how to adjust the pattern because I made it for a newborn and now my friend wants one for her daughter who is two :)

  21. To make this for a two-year-old (probably head circum around 20 in.), you'd keep increasing with dcs until you reached a little less than 20 in. in circum. Then you'd just have to adjust the number of times you bobble from there. Let us know how it turns out!

  22. I love your blog... I've made two of your hats so far and I'm in love :) Thanks for all the great stuff!

  23. How can I make this newborn hat for a 6mth old baby. Thanks for the pattern its great!

  24. Gillian,
    Do another row of increases in dc before you start the bobble pattern, and just adjust the bobble math to go around the larger hat. That should do it for you. :)

  25. Love your patterns. I'm due with my 4th in October and have several friends due also this fall or winter. I've used several of your patterns to make hats for baby gifts and posted links on my blog back to you. Here's my blog:

  26. Alli,
    I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or not. I have never made a hat and really not used to reading patterns. I am on row 5 and having problems with the bobble stitch. I think I've got the stitch down ok. However, when I am done w/ the 9the bobble I have 4 stitches left. Then I looked at the math and it doesn't seem to add up to 40. That is what I am supposed to have at the end of row 4 right? Please help!

  27. I was looking for a free baby hat crochet pattern and came across your site...I absolutely love what you do! Your work looks "high end," which is the look I was going for. Thanks for posting your patterns. :)

  28. Lovely that you share your patterns, you do some lovely items. I love the pretty pink flowers added to this beautiful hat. Wish I could crochet well, beginning to feel inspired to learn a bit more! :-)

  29. I just learned to crochet this summer, and I came across your blog. I just love that you put this together. It's so nice of you to share this. Your patterns are so trendy! Thank you :)

  30. Hi Alli, I wanted to say thank you so much for posting this pattern! I have made at least 7 of these hats and they are amazing. I'm a photographer and the texture is perfect for newborn shots. I appreciate all your hard work making these patterns and your generosity in sharing them. Thank you:)


  31. I am having problems with the flowers. In the Bobble Stitch instructions, do you repeat that 1 time? It just says to repeat from *. I am ending up with four loops instead of three.

  32. Thank you so much for posting this adorable pattern...I saw it on Pinterest and I just HAVE to make it!! I have been crocheting for over 35 years (mostly afghans) and have never seen the Crab Stitch before...I love the finished look it gives!!

  33. What am I doing wrong? I get 10 bobbles every time.


  34. I'm in love with this hat and want to make it for my 3 year old niece. I measured her head, across the forehead and it is 20.5 inches.

    I'm new to crochet and am confused by how to adjust the pattern for a larger size. There are a few other posts about it and you say to add more dc initially or to keep increasing dc in an addition row. How do I know how much to add? Should the circle be 20.5 inches across before I start to add in the bobbles?

    Also, do I include the chain 3 as a dc for each round? So, for the first round do I have a chain of 3 and 15 dc or is it the chain of 3 and 14 dc for a total of 15?

    Thanks so much for any help!

  35. You do not include the chain in the dc count for each round. You just count the dcs.
    If you check the size information tab at the top of the blog, I go into the method to increase sizes. You want to get it to almost the circumference, because it will get slightly bigger as you build the base of the hat. So, I'd shoot for 20 inches of dcs, then start the bobble rounds.
    All the best,

  36. The easy way to bobble, which I call a popcorn stitch, is to do a double crochet, single crochet, double crochet for a complete row. 2nd row is only single crochet. It makes the same look with much ease. I am not sure if you can work that into the pattern. I just finished a baby blanket and am doing the matching hat today.

  37. Hello Alli,

    Thanks for posting all the free patterns.
    I have made the bobblicious baby hat for "Save the Children foundation".

    You can see it on my blog
    I'm going to follow your blog.

    Greetz, Mandy

  38. I love this hat. I made it awhile back and added ears to give it the look of a lamb. I gifted it to a new Mom and she shared a photo with me of her little one wearing it. Thought you might be interested in seeing it. It's just soooooo adorable! I'm such a fan of bobbles! Here's a link to the post where I shared the photo with my contacts and a link back to the pattern:

  39. I love this hat!!! Can you do a pattern for adults or tell me how to alter the current pattern?

  40. on round 4 do you mean to join to top of chain 1 since it wasn't a chain 3 previously?

  41. This hat looks good, I like, very suitable for children to wear,


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