Sunday, October 31, 2010

Free Pattern: Kid's Crown

I made this crown for my #1's birthday. She's a two-year-old princess now!

Newborn size here.
12-month size here.

Small amount of yarn – stiff kind, like Red Heart medium weight.
Size 5mm hook (H/8)

Ch – chain
Sc – single crochet
Dc – double crochet
Sc dec – single crochet decrease, special stitch, see below.
St – stitch
YO – yarn over

Special Stitches:
Sc dec – pull up a loop in each st indicated, YO, draw through all loops on hook.
Crossed Dc – Skip a st, dc. Dc in the skipped st.
Puff st – dc 6 times in st indicated. Drop loop off of hook. Hook one side of the top of the first dc of the puff (front loop if it needs to puff back, back loop if it needs to puff front), then pick the dropped loop up on the hook. YO, draw through both loops. (I'm not sure if my puff stitch is any kind of official stitch - I saw a tutorial awhile ago and did what I thought I remembered, and it turned out with an opening at the top. If you know a different puff stitch that you like better, you might want to substitute.)

Ch 60. Join with a sl st to first ch, ch 1.
Round 1: Sc around. (60 sc) Join with a sl st, ch 1.
Round 2: Sc around. (60 sc) Join with a sl st, ch 3.
Round 3: Crossed Dc around. (30 sets of crossed dc)
Round 4: Sc around. (60 sc) Join with a sl st, ch 3.
Round 5: *Dc in the next 5 st, Puff st.* Repeat from * around. (50 dc, 10 puff st) Join with a sl st, ch 1.
Round 6: Sc around. (60 sc) Join with a sl st, ch 3, turn.
Point Row 1: Over the next 10 st, Crossed Dc. (5 sets of Crossed Dc) Ch 1, turn.
Point Row 2: Sc dec over 2 st, Sc dec over 2 st, sc, sc, Sc dec over 2 st, Sc dec over 2 st. Ch 1, turn.
Point Row 3: Sc dec over 2 st, Sc dec over 2 st, Sc dec over 2 st. ch 1, turn.
Point Row 4: Sc in first st, ch 1, Puff st, ch 1, sc in last st.
Point Row 5: Sc dec in the sc, puff and sc (skipping the chs). Finish off.
Join yarn to the last st worked in the previous point, ch 3.
Repeat Point Rows 1-5. Do this 5 times, for a total of 6 points.
Weave in all ends.

-The inside of a puff st is a great spot to hide a tail end.
-My completed crown measures about 18 in around, with a bit of stretch. Use a larger hook and/or crochet more loosely to fit a larger head.

©2010 Alli Hyer, all rights reserved.  You may sell items you make with this crochet pattern, but if you sell them online, you must link to this crochet pattern.  You may not sell this crochet pattern or claim it as your own.  You may publish or post a link to this crochet pattern, but you may not publish or post this crochet pattern in whole or in part.


  1. alli,
    thanks so much for sharing this adorable pattern! i think it'd make a wonderful gift for someone who has a child celebrating his/her first birthday. i'm going to make one for my son, who will be turning one next year. thanks for sharing all of your beautiful creations! so happy to have found your blog. :)

  2. Thanks for the great pattern. Instead of a regular chain to begin I made that foundation chain where you crochet the chain as you go for more elasticity. Also, I just made a 6dc popcorn instead of your cluster (do 6dc, but only work off the first 2 loops, and then go through all 7 loops at the end, finishing with a tight chain which is not crocheted into in the following row of sc). Also, I found it worked better to use the chain 3 as part of your first cross stitch and go back a sc for the second Xdc. Then you don't see the turning chain. I made it in a variegated cotton and it worked nicely. Don't forget to start your second point on the WRONG side and skip one sc (so you can go back and cross your X at the BASE of the previous point. Also, it would be cool to do the "jewels" in red and the crown in gold, with maybe some blue or green thrown in. Thanks again for the lovely pattern.

  3. Julia again. I have a hard time figuring out how to post, since I don't have a URL. Anyway, you can slip stitch down one side on the back of the points to avoid having to weave in so many ends and it adds stiffness to the points.

  4. so cute! hope to try soon. thanks for posting

  5. Hi, I am just starting to crochet and would love to make this for a newborn photo shoot I have coming up. Is there any easy way to make this smaller?

  6. I did it! I shortened the chain down to 40 and then everything else accordingly. I could only get five points on it but it turned about adorable. I can not wait until my shoot. For my second time following a pattern and first time changing one I am ecstatic with how it turned out.

  7. Hi,
    My daughter wants me to crochet the crown for her daughter but I am stuck on
    Point Row 1: Over the next 10 st, Crossed Dc.
    (5 sets of Crossed Dc) Ch 1, turn.
    I understand how to do crossed DC but I don't understand how to get the 5 sets crossed DC to make the point. Could you please help me?

  8. Hi, was wondering if you'd enter this in my crown challenge?

  9. How adorable! Definitely a crown fit for a princess!

  10. This is Sooo cute! It'll be perfect for our great-nieces. Thanks for sharing your pattern.

  11. Anonymous, the decreases are made starting in Point Row 2. See the special stitches note on how to do a single crochet decrease. Also, the comments from Julia are helpful!

  12. I hope it is okay I linked your pattern to I gave you credit of course!
    Thanks for sharing

  13. Thanks again for entering the challenge, I put a picture and link up here -

  14. Hi Alli, Just found your blog and this wonderful pattern through another blog that linked to a project of mine. And funny enough the comment above mine is from a regular reader of mine as well! I'd just love it if you'd join us on Craft Schooling Sunday, my weekly international blog linking party, which opens on Saturday night for me (day for you probably) and is open most of the week. Of course feel free to share any of your projects, but I particularly love the fishing game! all the very best and hope to see you there! Plus, I think you'll like some of my crochet projects too, click on the crochet category in the right hand column and enjoy!

  15. hi! thank you so much, i have to try this pattern, is´s rearly nice...........and excuse my bad english ;o) by, nico

  16. I just found your blog!! I am super stoked!! Thank you so much for kindly sharing your pattern for this crown!! My neice is going to LOVE it! :)

  17. Thanks very much for this pattern !!! Can you accept to publish this pattern in french ?? I can traduced this if you want ! Thanks
    PS I publish tomorrow two crowns

  18. As long as you link back, feel free to translate into French. :)

  19. I love all everything I see here, but I'm a beginner and I have no idea how to read patterns. Do you have videos on how to do some of these online like YouTube? That is usually how I crochet.

  20. Schema in italiano a
    Alli, many thanks for authorizing me!

  21. I love the little crown! I pinned it on my board so more people would find your pics.

    If you would rather I didn't, just contact me via the addy posted on the footer of my website and I'll take it right down.

    Unique Baby Nursery Ideas

  22. Love this - best free crown pattern I've seen! I've linked to it from my blog this morning for a Halloween roundup: if you want to check it out. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

  23. Going to have to make this up for my daughter... she turns 5 next Thursday!

  24. Hi
    I think this pattern is great! I just made one for a cousins 1yo's birthday.

    Just wondering though if I do an adult one say 90ch instead of doing the 5Dc then a puff stitch/Bauble would I do 9Dc then the Puff/Bauble?

    I want to make on for a friend for his b'day.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  25. I work with children after school and it would be fun to make a bunch of crowns for them to use in play. Can you tell me how to upsize this for ages 6,7,8? It is a very cute crown. Thank you

    1. Add 10 stitches to the initial row and do 7 points instead of 6. Or if that's too big, use bulky yarn and a bigger hook.

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. What would I need to do to fit this to an adult size? :)


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